"Sometimes in life you make your own luck, so pick up this album from Carter Sampson and you will surely be rewarded."

"Add her high quality song writing and gorgeous vocals and she is no longer a promising country singer songwriter but one who can now be talked about as being one of the very best around. If 'Wilder side' sowed the seeds this tremendous album brings that talent into full bloom."

"Lucky proves that there is plenty of ground to cover even when the terrain is smooth. It also proves that Sampson is in it for the long haul and deserves all the success that will continue to come her way."

"Like Oklahoma’s musical reputation, Sampson’s star is rising too." -Elmore Magazine

“Most notable about the collection is how you don’t just hear her Sampson, you also feel her presence in every song: her emotions, her feelings, her strength, her doubts and her message. Nothing is hidden or overly complicated. It’s all out there to see, feel, take in, empathize with, resonate with, and embrace…and I can’t get enough of it!”


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